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Breeze Into Fall

Posted by Kimberly Mazursky on

Transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall? Explore our new tie-dyed scarves, perfect for the cooler months.

The new Glamour Tie-Dye Scarf features a stunning design with graphic circles on the edges, surrounded by shades of seafoam green and eggplant. This scarf is really a show stopper with a bold pattern!

Observe as Marie meticulously extends the Glamour Tie-Dye Scarf onto a drying rack. Notice the impeccable circles! After the fabric has dried, we will apply the blue dye. Every tie-dye turns out a little different, which is very exciting!

Why choose only one hue when you can embrace the entire spectrum? The Spectra Tie-Dye Scarf arrives to add vibrancy to your day! This multicolored scarf is a versatile accessory that you can pair any outfit.

Looking for more Coletta Collections products? Try the exquisite Lazuli Bracelet. Crafted with genuine lapis lazuli gem stones, this elegant bracelet is the perfect accessory for your fall outfit. Pair it with your hand-dyed scarves to make a statement this season.


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