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Let Us Help You Set The Table

Posted by Kimberly Mazursky on

Our artisans have been diligently working in the studio to unveil our new Spring 2024 product line! To usher in the spring spirit, we are introducing our home and tableware products to help you get ready for gatherings and celebrations! We hope you appreciate the vibrant, seasonal hues!
Seeking a plate that perfectly accommodates your h'orderves, cocktails, or snacks? Explore the charming Fruit Appetizer Plates- Set of 2. These plates are proportioned for ease, no dilemma of kiwi or strawberry. Both included at one convenient price!
The dedicated artisan Celeste works diligently to assemble the Fruit Appetizer Plates- Set of 2. Using a paint brush, she carefully applies glass glue to the strawberries and leaves before assembling all the pieces.
The exquisite Jasmine Bowl showcases intricate enamel work and precisely arranged flower petals. This elegant fused glass bowl serves as a remarkable focal point for any table setting.
Andrew excels in enamel work and he is our go-to artisans for anything that requires fine details. His craftsmanship can be seen in our seasonal Flora Candle Holders featuring gold mica. In the picture below, Andrew applies enamel to the strawberries for the Fruit Appetizer Plate- Set of 2. Enamel acts like a thick paint for glass. On the same tray, you can see all of the little pieces for the Jasmine Bowl. Precise application of small dots for the yellow stamens and red flower petals, along with fine lines for green leaves, blue flowers, and white flowers is paramount.
These classic napkins complement any table setting. Coordinate with our Rainbow Collection (Rainbow Petal Bowl, Rainbow Candle Holder, and more). Machine washable for easy reuse.
Leah is a skilled weaver with extensive experience who has attended our DC school. She demonstrates a passion for acquiring new abilities. Recently, Leah acquired the technique to dye silk using pipettes. The image showcases Leah's focused efforts on the Rainbow Napkins- Set of 2.
Concluded the party but unwilling to let go of the festive ambiance? The Aruba Forever Dishtowel showcases vibrant colors that will enhance your cleaning experience. Highlighting stripes in teal, yellow, and coral, this tropical-themed dishtowel brings a sense of calm to your kitchen.
Have you ever thought about the process of our exquisite fabrics coming off the looms? Watch artisan Gabe and Direct Support Professional Rasheed in action. When an artisan reaches the end of the warp, they remove the lease sticks to optimize the warp. After weaving, they untie the knots and link the warp to the loom. Then, it's prepared for creation into products like the Aruba Forever Dishtowel!

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