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Process to Product- Spring Edition

Posted by Kimberly Mazursky on

At Coletta Collections, we create beautiful, wearable works of art, striving for effortless chicness to delight our customers.

Our dedicated and creative staff works diligently to create designs with our artisans in mind. Our goal is to ensure that our designs are not only wearable but also accessible for adults with disabilities to create independently and with a sense of pride.

Learn about the creation process of Coletta Collections products on a behind the scenes tour of the Daisy Silk Scarf and the Dahlia Link Necklace, from start to finish.

Daisy Silk Scarf

The Daisy Silk Scarf is a meticulously crafted creation. With an artistic touch, this exceptional scarf is a standout piece. Make sure to unfold the scarf to reveal the complete floral design!

Initiating a painted silk scarf is a serious endeavor. The process commences by sketching a design on a sizable craft paper. Subsequently, silk is affixed to a stretcher using pins for stability.

Then, resist is applied to the silk to mimic the design and prevent color bleeding. Next, the paint is applied using a brush.

Dahlia Link Necklace

The Dahlia Link Necklace is a remarkable statement or work accessory. Featuring glistening hammered metal links and miyuki beads, this necklace is guaranteed to impress. The bright, translucent beads reflect the essence of spring.

Zak excels in beading, particularly with small beads. He efficiently finishes each four-strand necklace. Beading offers a rewarding break from the loom.

Josiah, a recent addition to the studio, is involved in the new 'DC Weavers' training program. Josiah discovered his passion for jewelry making in Alexandria. This task demanded precise fine motor skills, and Josiah rose to the challenge. He meticulously attached small jump rings to connect the exquisite beads on the necklace.


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