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Stay Warm This Season with Gorgeous New Textiles

Posted by Kimberly Mazursky on

With the changing weather, you may be curious about how to stay warm this season. Coletta Collections offers a range of new woven scarves to keep you both warm and stylish.

The Boldilocks Woven Scarf features vibrant and eye-catching wide stripes, giving it a distinctive and bold appearance. Crafted from luxurious tencel fibers, the Boldilocks Woven Scarf offers exceptional warmth and comfort during the colder seasons. This accessory is great for enjoying the fall season while sipping hot cider and admiring the changing leaves.

Zac is carefully weaving a Boldilocks Woven Scarf on the loom. This intricate scarf follows a repeating pattern, requiring Zac to change colors and measure the distance of each color block.

The Lima Woven Scarf showcases a luxurious plaid design with shades of blues and greens. This scarf offers both comfort and beauty and its color palette creates a sense of effortless tranquility. Bundle yourself up in the Lima Woven Scarf today!

This is a beautiful image of Marie in her workspace. She is diligently working at her loom with yarn, bobbins, and a shuttle. In the bottom right corner, you can observe the template she utilizes to track her pattern.

Feel warmth when you wear the Vesuvius Woven Scarf! This striped scarf provides cozy comfort on cold days. The red and purple stripes make a remarkable combination in this autumnal plaid.

Buy an Aurelia Glass Bracelet to complement your Vesuvius Woven Scarf. This bracelet, made of fused glass, enhances the purple and red tones in your new scarf. The Aurelia Glass Bracelet showcases traditional autumn hues on opaque glass, effortlessly enhancing any ensemble.


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