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Welcoming Back the Rockville Weavers!

Posted by Kimberly Mazursky on

Did you know that St. Coletta has TWO adult programs: one in Alexandria and one in Rockville? Last week, our Rockville weavers returned to our main weaving studio in Alexandria to bring you more beautiful products! As we come to come to the end of our fall production, it's time for our artisans to experiment with new designs and techniques for the upcoming year!

Gabe, one of our most senior experienced weavers from Rockville, is working on prototype fabric for some of our new bags. He is practicing making stripes by using a measuring device. He is also working on following patterns. Check out Gabe's great smile!

Eugenia, another weaver from Rockville, is experimenting with hand dyed yarns. Her warp will be used for a home décor item such as a bag or a pillow. She is currently learning how to weave more complex and repeating patterns! Way to go, Eugenia.

Please welcome Tiffany, our newest weaver in Alexandria! Tiffany is working on a new dishtowel for the spring. She is starting off with a plain weave pattern and is using bright colors. She is learning how to correct mistakes in her weaving and to be more independent in a working environment. We're so glad you're here, Tiffany!

All new artisans start off by weaving dishtowels. Please support our newest weavers, like Tiffany, by purchasing our dishtowels! If you like blue, then the Cornflower Forever Dishtowel is for you. If you're more of a green person, then the Fern Forever Dishtowel is the one to chose. These dishtowels are also ecofriendly, study, and super absorbent.


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