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SCARF FEST SALE 20% OFF, Buy 2 GET 25% OFF, BUY 3 GET 30% 0FF!
SCARF FEST SALE 20% OFF, Buy 2 GET 25% OFF, BUY 3 GET 30% 0FF!
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The Pomme Blue Apple Band - Always on Time, Always in Style

Posted by Kimberly Mazursky on

The Pomme Blue Apple Band is one of our newest products here at Coletta Collections. This is a sustainable and stylish (not to mention, its for a great cause!) alternative to the watch band that your Apple watch comes with. The beautiful blues are perfect for summer. It's light, adjustable, and durable. Whether you're washing dishes or playing sports.

More of a pink person? You're in luck! Meet the Pomme Pink Apple Band, which has beautiful stipes of red, yellow, and green.

Our artisans had the opportunity to try out a new type of weaving for this product! Our weavers adapted an inkle loom weave on the floor loom to give this product a tight weave which gives this product its durability. This new technique focused on weaving tightly and consistently to keep super neat edges, which can be quite difficult! on our Forever Totes.

These study apple watch bands are similar to super strong straps that we use in our Forever Totes. We select only the finest materials to use in our production so that you are getting the best quality. Here you can see Celeste rocking the Tibet Forever Tote. You go, Celeste!

Pair the Pomme Blue Apple Band with another one of our new products, the Antibes Beach Bag. This bag was handwoven and hand dyed by our artisans. It's lightweight and ready to be rolled up into your suitcase. Toss your book and sandals in here and you're ready to go!

Complete the look with the Nina Drop Earrings. The stunning earrings will elegantly frame your face with a soothing gradient of blues. Created from fused glass by our artisans.



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