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SCARF FEST SALE 20% OFF, Buy 2 GET 25% OFF, BUY 3 GET 30% 0FF!
SCARF FEST SALE 20% OFF, Buy 2 GET 25% OFF, BUY 3 GET 30% 0FF!
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The Forever Line

Posted by Christine Eckstein on

We’d like to introduce you to our new Forever Line of products and what that means to you! In the last few weeks we've added several new products to our site and through the rest of the year there will be quite a few more. To make it even easier; we've added our new Forever Line logo to each of these produts! As we start releasing these we wanted to make sure that all of our loyal shoppers know what purchasing one of the products from our Forever Line really means!

Let’s get down to it... What does it mean when we label something “Forever”?
  • Made to last a lifetime. As the name suggests – you can plan to use these for many years to come. These products are not only beautiful they’re durable!
  • Washable. That’s right –everything you see tagged in this line is fully machine washable. Toss them in and hang dry to keep them looking new.
  • Solid Construction. We’ve taken great care to make sure that the way each item is put together has been done in a manner that will keep it working perfectly for a long time.
  • Eco-Friendly. These products are made to be used over and over again. You won’t see any single use products here. Additionally, we make them from 100% natural materials, ensuring that they’re impact on the world is as minimal as possible.
  • Timeless Design. Trends are great –but a timeless design is even better. These items are designed to soar past trends and land solidly into a design you’ll love for many years.
Ready to start shopping our Forever Line, don't wait! 
Shop Our Forever Towels: Back in Stock Soon! 
Coming This Month! Our Forever Table Linens

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