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Home & Garden Sale! Enjoy 10% OFF Your Purchase*.Use Code COMEBACK at checkout. *Exclude sale items.
Home & Garden Sale! Enjoy 10% OFF Your Purchase*.Use Code COMEBACK at checkout. *Exclude sale items.
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Our Valentine's Day Wish List

Posted by Christine Eckstein on

With Valentine’s Day coming up quickly you might be putting together a list to hand over to your significant other, or you might just be looking for something to splurge on for yourself! Our gifts last longer than flowers, so why not treat yourself to one of our handmade products? We have a lovely selection of unique gifts crafted by artisans with disabilities; choose from some of our suggestions or browse our full collection to find that perfect gift!
If you’re looking to bring a little joy and style to your home, look no further than our Peru Square Bowl. This beautiful fused glass bowl features shades of red, pink and coral; and can be used for just about anything. Keep it on your dresser to hold special trinkets or use as a snack bowl. Either way this one is going to bring you lots of joy with every use. The best feature? It’s food, dishwasher and microwave safe, so use it every day and throw it the dishwasher when you’re done! No special cleaning required here!
fused glass bowl with triangle pattern
Perhaps you’ve gotten caught in the snow storm coming across the country this week.. well, the Marie Blanket Scarf will keep you warm even on the chilliest days. Treat yourself to this gorgeous silk-wool scarf with hints of silver among tones of raspberry, strawberry and ruby. With a blend of silk wool, this scarf will keep you warm without any of the itch.. so it’s perfect no matter what you’re doing in it! If you’re headed out -bundle it up with your favorite coat, and  if you plan to stay in, it’s a great addition to your favorite comfy outfit!
A classic Valentine’s Day gift… jewelry! Check out our Belle Pink Drop Earrings. In various shades of pink with silver accents, these beaded earrings are perfect for Valentine’s Day or really just any day! These hoops are guaranteed to put you in an uplifting and happy place as you put them on and look in the mirror!
Perhaps instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day as you traditionally would, you plan to take a bigger trip later this year when things open back up. What’s stopping you from planning ahead right? If your idea of the perfect gift to get is travel, look no further than our Voyage Forever Tote. This tote was designed specifically with travel in mind. It has a sleek little slip on the side to slip over your luggage handle and it’s the perfect size to fit most carry-on requirements. So, zip up the top and you can be sure nothing will fall out whether it goes overhead or under your seat!
Lastly, one of our most beautiful and feminine items is the Wisteria Petal Bowl. With its selection of delicate pastel colors this bowl is an elegant addition to any space. Pair it with a set of white dishes or add it as a catch all your white dresser or bathroom counter, it’s simple beauty will bring you happiness every day.  Listen to what Jill has to say about hers, “Such a beautiful bowl and very practical. I love it so much!”
So as you put together your Valentine’s Day Wish List, be sure to include a few of your favorite Coletta Collections items for your significant other to choose from! With so many great handmade items, how could you go wrong?  Plus- knowing that you are supporting a mission that’s providing value to the lives of individuals with disabilities is a gift in of itself. Be sure to come back next week to get a little update from our studio and to see what we’ve been working on!

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