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Hello to a new Weaver!

Posted by Christine Eckstein on

As we continue to deal with the pandemic we are in a constant state of flux in the studio. Some of our workers are choosing to work from home while others come in one day a week. As we look towards the next few months; getting staff and workers vaccinated is a big goal. We hope that after everyone feels safe, we’ll be able to have more people return to the studio. In the meantime, we’re looking for ways to take advantage of our new work situation, and with that brings some great news! With less people on site, and a bit more “free” time we have a great opportunity to train a new worker. We are excited to announce that we have a new weaver working with us now, Leah!
Leah has been with us for 2 weeks now, and is really learning quickly how to weave! Shown here, she continues to work on the practice loom.
Leah attended our DC School when she was younger and following graduation, she began her career in the food service industry. Working at a local restaurant as well as in the kitchen at our school, Leah has spent nearly two decades working in this field. When the school shut down for the pandemic, Leah was left without a place to work. After several months of being at home she was ready to try something new and discovered an opportunity to work with Coletta Collections! She has been and will be a wonderful addition to our team!
Leah is very outgoing, friendly, and always checking in with staff and coworkers asking if they need any help. Leah is a fast learner and it won’t be long before she is no longer working on the practice/training loom and moving on to projects that will be offered for sale on our website. In just the few short weeks she’s been weaving, she is already producing beautiful quality work. We hope to have Leah move over to a bright colored tea towel this coming week and possibly a bold scarf for next fall soon after that! When asked what she most liked about learning to weave, Leah said "I like all the colors!" 
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