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As we approach the wedding season, we at Coletta Collections are prepared to make at least some of your planning just little bit easier! Things might be a little bit in flux with changing restrictions and various guidelines but planning for your bridal party can steam right ahead. Now is the time to start picking out your bridal party accessories or to consider small gifts for the moms. Our Wedding Collection is made to order, so that each piece is exactly how you would like it. Our turnaround time is 3-4 weeks, though we always try to be as quick as possible! The best part? If you can’t find a combination of colors in our listing that match your style, please send us an email and we can work with you to find the perfect selection.
beaded bracelets
How does that saying go… “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” Well, we have several “new somethings” for you, your bridesmaids or mothers to enjoy on your special day. With a variety of styles and many colors to choose from you can pick something that will be the perfect nuetral accessory, a shimmery silver or gold perhaps, or pick out the perfect shade to match your bridal party’s dresses.  
lavender blue chunky beaded pearl bracelet blue shimmery earrings
For a modern and elegant touch consider our Eden Earrings. Made from fresh water tear drop pearls, platinum zirconia beads and sterling silver, these gorgeous long drops sway gently with every movement. When thinking about timeless accents you can never go wrong with pearls given their classic look and style. Purchase these beauties for yourself or for your bridal party for a timeless ensemble. Perhaps even something to pass on to your own daughter one day.
long drop pearl earrings drop pearl earrings
If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give your bridal party, then our Amour Earrings are the perfect choice. At the perfect price point of $25 this makes the perfect bridal party gift. Made from three elements, fused glass at the top, a round rhinestone accent in the center and Swarovski crystal drops these are a great accent piece. With twelve color options you can find the perfect shade to match your dresses or for a bright and colorful accent order a different color for each person! If you’re stuck on which choice to make, send us an email and we can customize your order!
As a bride, if you’re looking for a shorter earring with a bit of shimmer consider the Shimmery Silver color combo! These are the perfect reception earrings, full of fun and sparkle these will look amazing on the dance floor.
Not so much of an earring person? Don’t worry! One of our gorgeous pearl bracelets will make a perfect accessory. Choose between two styles – Bliss, a multi-strand layered bracelet or Everafter, a more delicate slim bracelet.  
Our Bliss Bracelet is made from six strands of a variety of pearls intertwined with shimmery beads. With such a variety of shapes and tones in each bracelet the details and texture will bring just a little something extra to your most special outfit. Available in White, Champagne, Lavender Blue, Pink and Bronze your choice will match wonderfully with any wedding dress. If you’re in need of a bit more advice to match your gown, or would like to discuss other color options send us an email to start your custom order!  
The Everafter Bracelet, is our slimmer more elegant option for brides and is also a favorite of moms! This lovely piece measures about ¾” wide, giving you just a hint of a pearly detail to wear with your gown. Everafter was created with beautiful “S” pattern in the beads, so while it’s a bit smaller than our other bracelet, it’s detail is unmatched. This bracelet is also available in four colors- White, Lavender Blue, Pink and Champagne.
white pearl slim bracelet lavender blue slim pearl bracelet
pink slim pearl bracelet champagne slim pearl bracelet
As many of our reviews mention, these pieces can be worn to other events as well. Whether that’s a concert, baby shower or to give as a Birthday gift, these lovely pieces will go easily from one event to the next. Wedding jewelry can become one of your favorite most treasured pieces in your collection, so selecting wedding jewelry that can be re-worn to other events means you’ll get more use out of the pieces so it’s a win-win! Don’t forget to check back with us frequently as we continue to restock sold out items and offer new products. Mother’s Day is really just around the corner!

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