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Brighten your Kitchen with our New Dish Towels

Posted by Christine Eckstein on

As we work on expanding the number of artisans in Coletta Collections we’re always looking for easy projects that our new weavers can work on. When we have a new weaver start in the studio, there is quite a learning curve. It often takes them around nine months to start weaving on production projects. With this in mind we’ve been searching for the perfect project that’s easy for new weavers. One we can work on year round, and of course one that everyone will want to buy! So, we're releasing a brand new product, handwoven Dish Towels. A request that we’ve gotten from many customers through the years, so we hope you'll enjoy them!
Our new Dish Towels come in two bright colorways this spring, the Bluebell Dish Towel and the Coral Reef Dish Towel. These new towels are made from 100% cotton; which means that they’ll quickly absorb every spill in your kitchen. Did we mention that these are an excellent eco-friendly choice? Buying products made from natural fibers means that you’re not adding any micro-plastics into our waterways or cutting down forests to use for paper towels. Rather than go through rolls and rolls of single use towels; make the easiest eco-friendly choice you can by keeping these bright towels in your home for years to come. 
We’ve added a loop on the back at one corner to make them easy to hang from a hook, and designed them with striking stripes to bring a splash of bright color to your space. Once you’ve used them, just pre-treat with a stain remover and toss them in the wash to keep them looking brand new. As with any dish towel, the more wash cycles it goes through, the more absorbent it becomes!
These towels are part of our Forever line of hand woven products, meaning this is a sturdy, absorbent towel that will last years and its handwoven nature is more sustainable for the planet. Our dish towels are the first product a new artisan learns to weave in the studio. For you, this means that there may be small weaving variations from time to time however; these are generally not noticeable and do not impact the how well it functions!
We’re 100% sure that you’ll fall in love with how practical and eco-friendly these towels truly are, so give them a try! Most importantly, your purchase of these towels helps support us in training new artisans with disabilities to become excellent weavers. Not only are you making a responsible eco-friendly choice, you’re also supporting a workforce that truly needs you!

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