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Say Hello to Tropical -Our New Forever Tote

Posted by Christine Eckstein on

Our favorite summertime tote has arrived! Say hello to the new tote in our Forever Collection -The Tropical Forever Tote. Our Forever Totes are the answer to all your eco-friendly, travel friendly needs! 
This tote has everything you'll need when it comes to travelling, running out for errands or just headed into work. Our unique design has an outer slip pocked to fit perfectly over the handle of your luggage. Making this an easy peronal item to bring with you to the airport -no more slipping bags while you're trying to rush through security! It even has a zippered top, so throw your most important items right there for easy and safe access! 
In addition to this amazing pocket, this bag is made to work! The study cotton straps are sewn all the way around the bag, providing support and strength to every inch. Load up this tote with a ton of books or just your favorite items for the beach -either way it's going to last for years. 
The interior of the bag is fully lined for strength and supoprt. Additionally, it has two smaller slip pockets for your phone and other essentials as well as one larger one for your laptop or ipad. Our favorite part of this product is that it's entirely machine washable! Throw it in the washer on cold, and hang dry -this bag will look brand new for many years. As we all move to a more eco-friendly world these are important things to consider. We're not making a bag that you'll toss or give away in a few years, we're making a bag you can use for a lifetime! Our bags are made from fully natural fibers, meaning that you're not adding any microplastics back into our waterways when you wash this one! All of our bags are washed before they're sent to you as well, which means there's no shrinkage and nothing to worry about once it arrives to you! 
P.S. Be sure to look out for our new "Forever Line" logo on our products. This logo means that these products are made to last a lifetime. 
So don't wait any longer - hop on over and take a look at our new products. It's the perfect time to pick up a few items for all your summertime trips! 



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