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Home & Garden Sale! Enjoy 10% OFF Your Purchase*.Use Code COMEBACK at checkout. *Exclude sale items.
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Your May Gift Guide: New Items!

Posted by Dimetri OBrien on

Hey there, friends! It's that time of year again - Teacher Appreciation Week and Mother's Day are just around the corner! It's the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation for those special people in your life who work tirelessly to bring joy, knowledge, and guidance into your world. Whether it's your child's teacher who helps them navigate the challenges of school or your mom who has always been your rock, it's time to give back and bring a smile to their faces. So, let's get ready to make this year's Teacher Appreciation Week and Mother's Day extra special by showering them with love and thoughtful gifts!

Here are some great gift ideas for Mother's Day and Teacher's Appreciation Week:

For Mother's Day 2023:

Artemis Glass Necklace: This stunning fused glass and stainless steel necklace is perfect for your spring ensembles and stands out in a crowd. It features beautiful turquoise, lime green, pink & tiffany blue inset glass on a white plated chain.

Tibet Forever Tote: This practical and stylish tote bag is perfect for your traveling mom who need an extra bag for those spring and summer excursions. It is made of durable handwoven cotton and features a fun colorful design great for spring and summer. 

Larkspur Tie Dye Scarf: This elegant tie-dye scarf is a versatile accessory that will add a pop of color to any outfit. Featuring festive hues of cornflower blue, lilac, salmon, and yellow – Larkspur is made of soft and Habotai silk, making it comfortable fashion statement!


For Teacher's Appreciation Week 2023:

Cochin Square Bowl: This microwave safe, and food and dishwasher safe bowl is a hit! Need a small bowl to use as décor for tables or to serve snacks this is it. The Cochin Square bowl features clean lines and vibrant blue, green, and yellow stripes.

Bee Plant Stake: Show a teacher in your life how much you BEE-lieve in them as they support our students. These fused glass plant stakes feature a happy bee that adds joy to indoor and outdoor planters and pots.    

Bouquet Drop Earrings: These vibrant earrings are standout statement pieces for the fun educator in your life. For a bright and summery look pair these earrings with any of our fun totes or scarves.

Your purchase helps us continue to provide meaningful work opportunities for our participants, where they can learn valuable skills and earn a dignified, livable wage. It also helps us maintain our retail program, which offers our participants the chance to learn retail skills and experience daily community integration. So why not make your gift-giving extra special this year by supporting a cause that makes a positive impact? Head over to our on-line store and start browsing our collection of handmade products - with every purchase, you're bringing joy to a special someone while helping us create a world where people with disabilities can discover their full potential.

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