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Season of Giving

Posted by Christine Eckstein on

After a very successful weekend at the Holiday Market, we’ve restocked our website just in time for all your Holiday shopping! Even though our Artisans have doubled production this year there are already a few seasonal favorites that are selling out. While some items will be restocked our Artisans are very busy and won’t be able to restock everything, so be sure to shop all your favorites before supplies run out!
This week we’ve brought you a few new jewelry pieces to add into your wardrobe. Each of these have been handmade by our Artisans in the studio this fall. We’re working on adding some new and staple-worthy pieces as the year goes on as well. This season we were inspired by the fall floral patterns, and the simplicity of the current jewelry trends.
Our new Violet Bracelet is a great statement piece for any outfit. It pairs beautifully with all the deep blues and plums we’re seeing in fashion this season. Made from a variety of glass and silver beads as well as some gorgeous amethyst and lapis stones, you’ll be sure to love all the textures.
If adding a little bit of style to your earring collection is what you’re looking for, then you’ll be sure to love both our Aster and Veronica Drop Earrings. Aster has been created with glass cut to emulate a gem, and paired with a delicate silver flower. These lovely earrings are beautiful paired with all the velvet in style this season, or with a silvery or white holiday dress. If a little black dress if your go to holiday attire then the Veronica Earrings will add a bit of elegant style to your outfit. Made from a floral cone shaped over a large pearl and combined with a black drop bead, these are our most graceful earrings yet.
On a more personal note, all of our Artisans would like to thank our dedicated customers for all of your support so far this year! Each and every one of them have worked diligently this year, and we’ve managed to double our production numbers. We’re hoping that after a record breaking sales last weekend at the Holiday Market; we’ll be able to continue that trend right into the holidays! Instead of purchasing from big box stores this year – considering purchasing from a small business and help to support employing individuals with disabilities. Each and every one of our Artisans are paid hourly for all the work they do, and we hope to make them proud by helping them to sell out of all of their wonderful items again this year! So pop over to our site and start your shopping!  

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