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Weaving with Fall Colors

Posted by Kimberly Mazursky on

In our Textiles Studio, fall has been a great inspiration, particularly the changing colors of the trees and leaves. This is evident in the yarns we use for our fall textiles. Our new scarves are also themed for the season!

The Autumn Herringbone Woven Scarf has a resemblance to the colors of fall leaves. The warm reds and oranges will have you enjoying a cup of hot cider in no time. The herringbone pattern creates a distinctive arrow-like design that is reminiscent of leaves.

Marie is diligently working on the Autumn Herringbone Scarf. This intricate pattern creates an optical illusion that can be challenging to perceive. Marie is enthusiastic about starting new projects, and she couldn't wait to begin weaving this scarf upon receiving the yarns.

The Quercus Woven Scarf is a vibrant scarf featuring calming autumnal hues. Its meticulous design ensures that each color stripe perfectly harmonizes with the others. The pattern and texture resemble the gentle undulations of tree bark.

Fun fact: "Quercus" is another name for "oak."

The Quercus Woven Scarf is made by Leah, a skilled artisan known for her precision and steady hand. Take a look at this photo capturing her crafting process. Stay connected with us through our social media channels and blogs for updates!


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