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Reds and Greens for Your Home and Kitchen

Posted by Kimberly Mazursky on

Coletta Collections can assist in preparing your table for the upcoming holiday season. With our new fall home décor, you can be the ultimate host or hostess!

The Coletta Collections dishtowels are handmade, eco-friendly, absorbent. Use a reusable and beautiful dishtowel instead of a one time use, disposable paper towel.

Experience these two distinct products, exclusively crafted by Coletta Collections and our skilled weavers!

Perpendicular lines form a timeless holiday plaid with the Noel Dishtowel. Whether using this festive dishtowel as a potholder, trivet, or for table decoration, it will surely evoke the holiday spirit! The traditional colors are vibrant and will enhance your dining experience!

Coletta Collections' artisan Eugenia is shown in a delightful moment of laughter. She skillfully crafted the Noel Dishtowels. Above, Eugenia is diligently creating a spring backpack prototype. Anticipation builds as we eagerly await the final result!

The Spruce Dishtowel displays is woven is lovely shades of green stripes to mimic fall trees. The various stripes resemble rows of trees in a forest. Our dishtowels come with a practical corner tape for hanging and drying. This tape also serves as a convenient way to showcase your beautifully handwoven product.

We love our eco-friendly dishtowels here at Coletta Collections! Here is Gabe, one of our Rockville weavers working hard at the loom. He is trying out different wefts on a purple prototype for this upcoming spring. Gabe is very fast when it comes to weaving! It's amazing how much he can get done. Be on the lookout for a table runner that he wove, which will be released later this month!


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