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Posted by Christine Eckstein on

Summer is in full swing, school is almost out, and it's the perfect time to enjoy your outdoor spaces. Whether you’re sitting down for dinner and drinks with friends or relaxing on the porch in the evening; we have several wonderful pieces that will be perfect your outdoor space. 

Our new addition to your tabletop this spring is the Cantal Cheese Plate. Inspired by garden mosaic tiles, this plate is perfect for hosting. There's no better combination than a bit of charcuterie and cheese with your evening cocktail, so choose your favorites and put out a spread! With two small indents in the sides, you can easily lift this plate and carry it out to your patio for a pretty summertime treat. 



Cantal pairs nicely with our Wisteria Petal Bowls as well! Use our petal bowls to add a bit of fruit to the table, slices of bread or mixed nuts to round out an evening of appetizers. Or splurge and choose our Wisteria Petal Dish to serve a bit of cold pasta salad! 


If you care to match with something a bit bolder, try our Lily Pad Petal Collection, enjoy those blue and greens all mixed together to create a summery garden feel! 


Of course, outdoor entertaining can't be kept to just the serving dishes -you must also consider the ambiance! Our most avid of shoppers are sure to recognize our customer favorite; the Lights Lantern Collection. Whether you love the bright and bold splash of the Mulitcolored Lanterns or garden party feel of the Blue Lanterns, there's something from everyone. Each lantern has space to put a tea light, making these glow from within beautifully. They add just a hint of shimmering light to any outdoor space and evoke the feeling of sitting with fireflies in the summer evenings.
So as you sit along your decks and patios this summer, make sure you’re enjoying something from our lovely collection as well. Our artisans work hard all year to create new designs and make items that they hope you’ll cherish. Help them to continue working by supporting all their creative efforts –Shop Now!



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