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Our Best Selling Lanterns are Back!

Posted by Christine Eckstein on

It’s official! The Cherry Blossoms are in bloom, and we're ready to decorate our patios and tables with something bright and cheery this spring! Our Lights Lanterns are perfect for inside or out; your patio or your dining table. Wherever you would like to add a bit of color –these are sure to spruce up your space.


Each lantern is handmade with fused glass panels to bring color and shimmering light to your table top. The iron frame creates a lovely geometric accent for your table, and each one comes with a votive holder for your candle. Our lanterns look beautiful in the evening with candles lit and a gentle glowing light adding the perfect touch of warmth to your space.
This year, we’ve have a quite a few of our guys working on the lanterns! Almost everyone in studio has participated, but Celeste, Fabiola, and Leah have particularly enjoyed working with all the bright colors. They have each spent many hours working on combining pieces in just the right way to make each glass panel perfect. And by perfect –we mean perfectly unique! Each panel is created using fused glass pieces that are leftover from our Petal Collection items. We’re always looking for ways to reduce waste and our lanterns were the perfect answer for that. With an array of rainbow colors in our Multicolor Lights Lanterns, you’ll be adding a bold stroke of color to your space. For those with a subtler palette in mind, the Blue Lights Lanterns are made from gorgeous shades of blues, greens and lavendar that remind us of Monet’s water lily’s.
We expect these to sell quickly –as they always do- so be sure to grab yours soon! Don’t forget that you can always click the “Email When Available” button on the right if they sell out before you snag one. We hope to encounter less issues with supply chain this year, so with any luck we’ll be able to keep these in stock all summer long. Even with that in mind though –it takes a few weeks for our guys to make each lantern, so buy early! As always, thanks for shopping with us and supporting our artisans.

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