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Meet Alexis a Coletta Collections Weaver

Posted by Christine Eckstein on

Alexis has been a Coletta Collections weaver since 2013. She is one of the kindest people that we work with, and has a very patient methodical approach to the work she does. Alexis has a particular love of weaving. Though she has worked in fused glass from time to time the repetitive motion and the peaceful sounds of the loom going back and forth match her calm and quiet personality.
Alexis loves to daydream, and in the work place, this is our biggest challenge. She is a careful weaver, and will always seek out help when a mistake is made but it is very easy for her to fall into the world of daydreams. When working with Alexis we often start a project in her immediate vicinity, so that she has someone to talk to and to encourage her to keep working. Outside of Coletta Collections, this might pose a bit of a challenge, but in our environment we have been able to adapt to her needs. When working she loves to listen to music and be in a relaxed environment. 
particpant hand weaving on loom
hand weaving sierra scarf
This season Alexis has worked on several scarves. Shown here, she is working on the Sierra Scarf. She loved the way the pattern changed from right to left, and was always mesmerized by the detail of it. She is also working on our of test projects where we hope to dye the fabric she creates for next fall. In addition to working with us Alexis also works with our lunch crew. There she is able to practice skills such as cleaning, travel training and communication while assisting others. When the Collections are part of a sale event Alexis often asks to come with us even though she is a bit shy she really loves to be out in the community and loves to meet new people. 
Alexis is 36 and has been with St. Coletta for since she was a child. Prior to Coletta Collections opening, Alexis would rotate between volunteer sites and part time jobs. She never had steady work and couldn’t rely on getting a paycheck. Even though Alexis has always wanted to be active and work, she was unable to find a job that could adapt to her slower pace. At Coletta Collections we are excited to continue to see possibilities beyond disabilities. Shop one of our beautiful products to help support Alexis and workers like her.

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