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Christmas Gift Guide

Posted by Christine Eckstein on

There are only 7 days left until Christmas and we're counting down our top 7 favorite gifts. If you're still shopping for a few last minute items, or you're stumped on what to get your BFF scroll through our guide and pick out your favorite. Don't forget; these are all handmade by adults with disabilities, so not only do you get a unique gift you also get a great story to tell!

#7. Gingerbread Ornament

First up on our list is our Gingerbread Ornament. If you've been following along you'll know all about this one. As a fundraiser for our "Be An Angel" Program - this ornament serves as a double gift. All profits from the ornament go to providing a Christmas experience to families in need. Perfect as a gift for that special someone who really cares about their community. Each ornament is handmade, so you'll never find two that are perfectly alike, they each have their own unique flair!
gingerbread house Christmas Tree ornament

#6. Plaid Square Bowl

Looking for a gift for that person who's proud of their family history? Try gifting this bowl. Perfect for someone with a little Scottish in their family tree, this plaid bowl makes for an easy gift. It's a great size to fill up with candy while the family is in town, or to keep as a catch all the rest of the year. This bowl has been so popular this year, that our workers have actually made two rounds of production! With only a few bowls left in our inventory, be sure to get yours soon.
blue and green plaid square bowl

#5. Cocoon Baby Blanket

Baby's First Christmas is always special, but make it extra special this year by gifting our new baby blanket. Each blanket is handwoven in beautiful shades of green, purple and blue. This super soft blanket is made from cotton and bamboo yarns, so your little one is sure to snuggle right in. Whether you're a new mom or a doting Grandma, this makes a gorgeous gift for the little one. 
cotton and bamboo baby blanket

#4. Viola Earrings

These pretty amethyst earrings have been a big hit this year. Dressy enough to go out to dinner with and just enough to pair with a simple sweater makes them a "wear anywhere" kind of accessory. The combination of beautiful amethyst nuggets and gorgeous Swarovski drops with just a little gold to accent it all has made them a favorite among our workers. 
purple amethyst viola earrings

#3. Chili Square Bowl

Everyone has that one person in their family who just LOVES Christmas. Well, this bowl is made for them, with just a bit of a modern twist to it. With three bright shades of red this bowl just screams "Merry Christmas." Our Chili square bowl is made from three layers of fused glass which makes it amazingly durable and something your relative will cherish for many years to come. 

#2. Zurich Trapeze Bag

Looking for a gift that almost anyone would love? Our Zurich Trapeze Bag is one of the easiest gifts to give. Every women loves a bag, and this one is perfect to get her through the colder months. This pretty plaid is made with delicate shades of purple, pink and green, and when she feels the buttery soft leather handles she'll just fall in love with it (and you) all over again. 
pink and purple plaid zurich trapeze bag

#1. Moonbeam Bracelet

Coming in First, is our lovely Moonbeam Bracelet. This bracelet is to die for. The gorgeous silver and metallic beads make it perfect to wear to a New Years Eve party. Even better, it looks great with a sweater which means you can wear it all season long. The diamond pattern was one of the more complicated projects our workers took on this season, but with a bit of practice they did an amazing job. 
silver beaded moonbeam bracelet
Now that you've finished reading our gift guide, be sure to check them out on website and order your gift before we run out! Today is the last day to order with regular shipping but you can order with overnight shipping up until the 20th to guarantee you get your gifts in time! 

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