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Welcome to the New Year!

Posted by Christine Eckstein on

We’ve officially made it into the new year and through our first big snow storm. After a little break our Artisans have returned to our studios and are getting ready for a busy year of work. Though Omicron is slowing our progress, we’re making plans to bring back all of our artisans to our work space and potentially even bring on some new artisans to our program. We’re excited to start the New Year and we hope you’re ready for some fun new products this year!
After selling out of almost everything we made all year long, we’re planning on significantly increasing the amount of product we make for the upcoming year. Last season we had record-breaking sales, so in addition to creating more of what you love, we’ll also be making new products to keep you coming back! In an effort to produce more product and to keep our workers employed year round, we’ll also be adjusting the way we release new collections. In the past, we’ve always had two big Collections come out all at once, one in early Spring and one in early Fall. This coming year, we’ll be releasing product consistently throughout the year. We will regularly have new products coming to the website, adjust to trends and recognize your favorites faster, plus we’ll have the ability to restock your favorites more often. On top of it being more sustainable for our artisans, this new process will help us to overcome some of the supply chain issues we’ve been facing this past year.
So what does this mean for you? It means that you’ll have a wider variety of products available through the year, and the chance for your favorites to come back in stock! With that in mind –if you’re not already following us on social now is the time. We’ll be posting blog updates, product releases and fun studio related news throughout the year. Of course –if you’re not already subscribed to our email list, be sure to sign up there as well!
So if you’re ready to start the new year off with a fresh outlook and responsible buying – take a look at what we have in the works! From new products and prototype designs to restocking your favorite Totes, there are some great things coming your way.

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