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Just in Time for Last Minute Shipping: Ornaments & New Releases!

Posted by Christine Eckstein on

This year, with the artisans unable to work in the studio we were unable to create new ornament. If you’re still looking for that last minute gift, our holiday ornaments are perfect choice for your family, friends and coworkers. Be sure to read all the way through to see our new releases this week! 
handwoven scarf participant waving while weaving
This week are featuring some fan favorites from the archives.
The Nutcracker! According to German folklore, nutcrackers bring good luck to your family and protect your home. A nutcracker is said to represent power and strength, serving somewhat like a watchdog guarding your family against danger. A nutcracker bares its teeth to evil spirits and serves as a messenger of good luck and goodwill. Let’s face it, it’s 2020, is there anyone that couldn’t benefit from a gesture of good luck, strength and protection? I think, not!
fused glass bird ornament
Our next fav -Betsy Bird! Generally, birds are symbolic of freedom due to their ability to not only roam the earth, but fly the skies, too. Birds are perceived as good omens and represent life, rebirth, intelligence, peace, hope, and love. We think everyone could benefit from a little peace, hope and love!
One of our all time best sellers are the Lil’ Bo Peep ornaments! With only a few left be sure to make your purchase now before we run out of stock! These adorable little sheep bring back memories of childhood nursery rhymes and would be the perfect gift for someone with small children.
Finally, with a couple days left for regular shipping (December 18th!) we have a few new items to announce! Our artisans work really hard to this fall to make new products, but with limited time on site, it took longer than normal to complete their projects. We’re getting these up on our site with just a few days left, but we hope you’ll enjoy our beautiful new products!
Check out our Kinshasa Blue Scarf. Made from a blend of silk wool and tencel it’s beautifully warm and soft all at the same time!
Another gorgeous option -the Jazz Scarf. Woven in tencel this scarf has a beautiful drape. With strong undertones of deep blue it features gorgeous highlights of pink, mint and yellow.
And to wrap up your holiday shopping be sure to check out our new Peru fused glass bowl. In shades of pink and reds this bowl is bright and cherry and will bring color to your home for the next few months!
Oh, and did we mention, all ornaments are buy one get one 20% off! Hop over to our store now to browse our Ornament Collection and wrap up your holiday shopping!

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