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Home & Garden Sale! Enjoy 10% OFF Your Purchase*.Use Code COMEBACK at checkout. *Exclude sale items.
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Giving Tuesday

Posted by Christine Eckstein on

At Coletta Collections we are huge fans of giving back to our community. Did you know that on Giving Tuesday our board will match donations up to $5,000? When you make a donation to our parent company St. Coletta of Greater Washington you are helping to provide new opportunities to our population. You provide a chance for individuals with disabilities to gain more independence and express themselves creatively. This gives them the chance to acquire new vocational skills and reach their potential in the workplace. Maybe you're not sure how your donation will really make a difference, but take a moment and meet Kenny. 

Kenny is all about having fun. He’s up for almost any project as long as you can make it entertaining and listen to some music. Kenny often works at our DC site to help serve lunches, but when in Alexandria he likes to take part in production. He’s happy to stop by in the afternoon and finish up an earring someone wasn’t able to do. Or to pop in before he leaves for DC to iron a few scarves. Here he is dying the edge of a Petunia Tie Dye Scarf

Kenny’s biggest challenge is to be able to recognize when something is going wrong and do something about it. He doesn’t let himself worry too much about details, so occasionally something will start to go wrong and he’ll just keep going and figure out how to make it work. From time to time this easygoing attitude makes it just a bit harder for Kenny to be successful in the workplace.

Kenny hopes to one day work at a game store, so some of the big skills we are working on are related to our storefront. Kenny is great at helping with inventory, as well as cleaning and organizing to keep the shop presentable. When we go to markets and sales Kenny often comes with us to practice his sales skills. He can become friends with almost anyone so when he tries to sell you something he is almost always successful. 

Kenny is now 30 and has reached a point where he can successfully work independently about 80% of the time and we're here to help him for that last little bit. Your help on Giving Tuesday can make all the difference. With the ability to continue to provide instruction and guidance we hope Kenny will one day be able to work full time in his preferred field. 

Kenny is just one story and there are so many others just like him. Help us to continue to support everyone in reaching their goals by donating today! Every dollar counts, so join us in this National Day of Giving. Donate Now! 

And don't forget, shopping with us provides Kenny with more opportunities for work. With each sale the profits go back to our participants to pay a living wage and to buy supplies for them to keep on working. The more sales we make, the more work we have for Kenny to do. Shop with us to give a gift that gives back. 


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