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Breezy Blues - Scarves for Every Season

Posted by Christine Eckstein on

We are excited to bring you the start of our fall releases! Each year our Artisans work to weave some of the most beautiful scarves on the market –and this year is no different. Our Artisans typically spend 2-3 months to weave 8-12 of each style of scarf. This is a long process, but we all agree that the results are beautiful. This year we’re starting off our fall release with some beautiful summery blues. Enjoy!
Introducing Gaia, our versatile -summer into fall- scarf! This piece is the result of countless fabric swatches and test dyes. We decided to extend our dyed-silk scarf line to include some new materials and give you more options to pick from for your go-to accessory! So, what is Silk Noil, or ‘Raw Silk’? This material is made from the shorter, leftover fibers from other processed silks; making it a sustainable choice for our studio. The shorter fibers results in a lovely, nubby texture with a lightweight feel; well suited for your casual-chic outfits.
The honeycomb design mimics the rippled surface of water, mirroring the greens of lush nature. This pattern sweeps across the Silk Noil with fluctuating density and size. From a deep forest teal to light and bright turquoise, the variation in color will make you fall in love instantly.
Our second new product this week is Natal Blue. Woven in bright and refreshing blues, Natal Blue is your next treasured wardrobe staple! The Bamboo weft adds a luxuriously soft feel while the Tencel stripes retain breathability for a versatile option as the seasons change. Hues of Aquamarine and Chagall blues with glints of silver and gold mimic pristine Caribbean waters. In the center, you’ll find small highlights of coral and orange creating a striking combination of colors you won’t find elsewhere.
Our products, woven with care, are sustainable and long lasting – a worthy investment for yourself and the weavers you support when purchasing this scarf! As always, the proceeds from our sales go directly into the program to pay our weavers, train new artisans, purchase supplies and test out new projects! As the weeks go on we’ll continue to release our wonderful new collection and hope that you’ll shop with us all through the fall!

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