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Posted by Christine Eckstein on

For months now, we have all been adapting to a new normal. At Coletta Collections, we are dealing with these difficult changes to our workplace, and consequently our production schedule with creative solutions. The textile and glass studios have been closed since March 9. The great news is that several of our artisans have been able to work from home and to start on our Fall Collection during this time!
If this were any other year we our artisans would have already been about halfway done with our fall production. We would be working on all the little details, taking photos for our website and stocking up on any projects that we think will be big sellers. In May our staff team was given permission to work on site once a week for a few hours, adhering to wearing masks, social distancing and of course lots of hand washing. This gives us a chance each week to put together project bins for the artisans and get as much prep work done as possible. Our goal is to have enough projects bins ready each week that whoever can and wants to work can do so from home! Inside each bin are all of the needed tools, supplies, instructions as well as examples and a timesheet so everyone can get paid for the work they're doing. Ruth and Celeste who are both longtime artisans started out our at home production by working on our Wedding Line. They were able to follow visual examples and directions to string beautiful beads together to make our Everafter and Bliss Bracelets. 
Ruth has enjoyed working from home, but she says “I miss my routine.” but “I like beading and glass projects"  Celeste, too, has liked working from home but misses being in the studio every day. “I like being able to work when I feel like it. I love the beading, it’s my favorite!” She really does like working on the glass lanterns because, “all of the colors are so pretty.” 
Ursula, our newest artisan, is also working on our fused glass lanterns, one of our most popular products. Marie, Ruth, Sarah, Zak and Celeste were all able to jump in and help on that project as well, so be sure to check in this week as we'll have a few ready for sale! 
Ursula says, “I miss being at the studio learning new things, but I like working at home cause I like to sleep in!” Ursula has enjoyed working on the glass lanterns as she “likes to fit in pieces like a puzzle and seeing her creation turned into art.”  Marie is first and foremost a weaver. Unfortunately, we can’t send looms home but Marie has adjusted to working on the glass lanterns smoothly. She stated, “I like to have something to do at home.” She adds, “But I really miss weaving and I’m looking forward to getting back in the studio!”
Zak is one of our participants who really loves to work (and works really fast!) so he was definitely missing having projects to work on all day long. Happily we've been able to provide him with quite a few projects; from beading bracelets and making lanterns, to snipping glass to give to other participants. This week he even started working on some of our Christmas decor!
With our cities slowly opening back up we've been able to continue fulfilling orders. We're now able to go in once a week and make sure all of our customers receive their orders in a timely manner. We have continued to have a steady stream of sales and we're all hopeful that this continues through the rest of the year! This has truly been a collaborative effort and we would like to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone supporting our artisans at this unprecedented time!

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  • The products that these folks create are fab. The design and quality are equal to anything sold at juried craft/artisan fairs. Purchases from here not only support individuals with disabilities but you are also shopping local!
    Barbara Selbst on

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