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Coletta Collections Archive Release

Posted by Christine Eckstein on

It's been an interesting year so far, as we're sure you know. Coletta Collections and St. Coletta as a whole had to close down on March 16th. Given the unique nature of our setting it's just not realistic to practice much social distancing, so we've had to come up with some new ideas to get us through this time. Normally we would be working on our fall collection; diligentaly working away for the next several months in time to have our amazing products ready for the Christmas rush. This year is looking a little different though. Instead of being in our studios working several hours a day, we're all home, and it looks like it may stay that way for a while. If you want to hear a little more check out this story where we talk to WTOP. 
Happily, we're able to keep our online shop up and running, and we want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of our customers who purchased gifts before Mother's Day. As you can see we had a huge batch or orders to be sent out. 
coletta collections online store
In light of this unprecedented time, we've come up with some plans to get us through these next few months. First, we'll be working on figuring out how to get some of our work that can easily be moved sent to our workers at home. Many of them are longing for something fun and engaging to work on, so we plan to get that up and running. Second, we decided to do an Archive Release! 
coletta collections archive release
What's an Archive Release you might say? Well, every year we keep back a few items from each collection. Sort of a physical history of our story, our work and how we've grown. Now that we've been at this for quite a while, we have amassed quite a collection of items. Given the circumstances we've decided that rather than hold onto these products, we should put them up for a limited release. While we figure out how to continue on with production at a distance, these items will hopefully get us through many lean months. There are only one or two of most of these products so if you see something you love, make sure you get it right away! We'll be releasing a few new items each week through the sumer, so be sure to check in regularly to see what's new. 
Now- on to the fun part! This weeks release!
Right to Left: Kate Earrings | Zaragoza Silk Scarf | Izmir Triple Dish | Galena Necklace
Whether you're having date night on your back patio instead of a restaurant or shopping online for your best friend's birthday gift, this week's release has a little something for everyone. Full of bright blues with hints of gold and white these are perfect for the start of summer. 
Check out the images below to get some style inspiration! 
blue hoop earrings
blue fused glass necklace with gold chain
blue and white printed silk scarf

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