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Coddle Baby Ball

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Coddle Baby Ball encourages gross motor development in babies through its unique rolling and playful design. Each ball is made of bright, stimulating colors – pink, blue, green and yellow – that help engage and captivate little ones. The Coddle Baby Ball is designed to be manipulated easily with many spots to hold onto and explore. You can even  encourage crawling by rolling it just out of reach and encouraging your little one to follow! The 3 detachable, color-coded segments stimulate abstract thinking abilities as your child grows and learns to take apart and re-assemble this Coddle Baby Ball! 

Coletta Collections Exclusive

-Approximately 5" Round 

-100% handwoven cotton fabric with polyfill stuffing inside

-Machine or hand wash cold, air dry.

-Washed and preshrunk

-Made in USA

-The fabric for each baby ball is carefully hand woven by artisans with disabilities in our studio in Virginia. Minor variations in each piece may occur.

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